The Difrax pacifier has been developed with speech therapists and dentists and comes in three different sizes, ranging from Newborn to 12+ months.

  • A little product for a big job

    During their first five months, babies have a strong need to suckle. This is a natural process designed to stimulate the mother’s milk production. Pacifiers fulfill this natural suckling need and offer comfort and peace, making your baby feel safe and secure. Using a pacifier is more hygienic than thumb sucking, and it’s also safer and kinder to the teeth.


    The teat of the pacifier becomes more solid as the child gets older, in direct proportion to the developing jaw strength of your child. The shield gets bigger so that it is suitable for your child’s face as he/she grows. The Natural pacifier has an organic shape that is easily accepted. The Dental pacifier stimulates the development of the jaw and tongue muscles, while the flat side provides extra grip.

What makes the pacifier unique?

  • Expert advice

    Developed with speech therapists
    and dentists.

  • Difrax pacifier ice blue

    All ages

    Grows along with your child’s
    suckling needs and age.

  • Butterfly shape

    The butterfly-shaped shield leaves enough room for the nose.

  • Allergy free

    Taste, odor and allergy-free.

  • Many options

    Natural & Dental versions are available in three sizes and a choice of colours.

  • Comfort

    Optimal air supply provides comfort
    and prevents skin irritation.

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